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Nilachal Saraswat Sangha,Puri

Bhakta Sammilani 2009



Utkal Pradeshika Bhakta Sammilani

58th Session, 2009


Date : 07.02.2009 – 10.02.2009

Place : Koraput Dist., Orissa, India

Venue : 'Jeypur' branch Sangha Mandir of NSS



The 58th Session Utkal Pradeshika Bhakta Sammilani has been organized by the Nilachal Saraswat Sangha, Puri at the 'Jeypur' branch Sangha Mandir situated at Purunagarh. The 4-day long convention of Paramahansa Srimat Swami Nigamananda Saraswati Dev with his householder-devotees, samnyasis and general public has been an experience of great joy for all who participated as well as for those who followed the sessions through web-cast of the same.

Maharaja Kumar Harihara Bhanjadeo of the erstwhile state of Bastar (now in Chhattisgarh) presided over the General Session of the Bhakta Sammilani. He shared fascinating aspects of his family, from last three generations, accepting Sadguru Swami Nigamananda Dev as their Master and managing the affairs of the State efficiently with his blessings.

Sri Atanu Sabyasachi bhai of Ekamra Saraswat Sakha Sangha spoke about the objectives and vision of Bhakta Sammilani, which has been the cherished activity of Sri Sri Thakura. He also, described about interesting episodes from Sri Gurudev's life.

Sidhheshwar Chaitanya Maharaj from Asam-Bangiya Saraswat Math, Kokilamukh has addressed the gathering while Sekhar Chaitanya Brahmachari from Chinmaya Mission at Jeypur explained about the significance of teachings of Bhagvad Gita.

Sri Santosh Mohanty bhai of Ekamra Sakha Sangha enlightened the gathering about the connotations of Sadguru Swami Nigamananda Dev and Sri Sangram Dhar bhai of Delhi Sakha Sangha narrated the wonderful trail of Sri Nalinikant Chattopadhhyay becoming the Paramahansa.

Writer-researcher Sri Krishnachandra Panigrahi shed light on the philosophy of the Sri Jagannath cult and the principles of Thakura Sri Nigamananda Dev. Speaking as a guest, Sri Gadadhar Parida, the District Collector of Koraput, deliberated on the mystical and charming equations between a devotee and the God. Dr. Shantanu Rath, Director, AIR (Bhabanipatna) spoke about spirituality in Sanatan Dharma.

Sri Shyam Sundar Dash bhai, the Sabhapati and Parichalak of Nilachal Saraswat Sangha enlightened the enthusiastic gathering about the significance and necessity of Bhakta Sammilani.

(Next Bhakta Sammilani will be held at Anugul, Dhenkanal District)