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Nilachal Saraswat Sangha,Puri




NSS undertakes a number of activities throughout the year both at the Central and branch levels as follows:


  • The auspicious birthday of Shri Shri Gurudev is celebrated with great enthusiasm by the devotees at Nilachal Kutir, Puri.

  • NSS observes its annual day on the next day at Smruti Mandir, Puri.

  • It organizes many self-development programmes  at Satsikshya Mandir, Bhubaneswar every year for the Sevaks , Kishor (teenage) members and executive members who are engaged in the Seva of management of various executive bodies at the Kendra and Sakha Sanghas.

  • NSS has since published Oriya translations of all the books written by Swami Nigamananda. It has a publications division which looks after regular publication of various other books, journals, literatures etc. relating to the ideals and teachings of Sri Sri Thakura. It also brings out a quarterly spiritual journal in Oriya, The Sangha Sevak, the mouthpiece of NSS (R.N.I. Regn. No. 4034 0f 1957). 

  • Each branch of NSS holds weekly congregations of devotees for collective worship of the Sri Gurudev, holding reading sessions of books on His ideals and teachings with discussions (Swadhyaya) and sharing spiritual experiences with each other (Bhava Binimaya).

  • All Branches organize several functions on various festive days.

  • NSS organizes an annual conference of household devotees of Sri Sri Thakura at various places in Orissa which is now well known as the Utkal Pradeshik Bhakta Sammilani. This massive spiritual forum reverberates with and perpetuates the ideals and teachings of Swami Nigamananda Dev through collective discussions on living an ideal householder's life, establishment of the power of spiritual associations or 'Sangha Shaktir Pratistha' and above all, sharing and exchange of spiritual experiences amongst the devotees (bhava binimaya).

  • The Central and branch Sanghas of NSS  carries out various social services on the principle of serving the fellow being as rendering the service to God (Shiva Jnana re jeeva seva), especially, Daridra Narayan Seva (service to poor and needy)  


The Nilachal Saraswat Sangha (NSS) is the premier setup that has been devotedly engaged in fulfilling the mission of its founder Swami Nigamananda Dev as envisaged by Him.