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Nilachal Saraswat Sangha,Puri

Truth & God

  • Take refuge in Truth and Truth alone shall give you everything.


  • To have visions of God and Goddess is nothing astonishing. If you can realize the Truth, you shall find God everywhere.


  • Serve all with firm conviction that where there is life there is God. You should get pleasure from nothing else but from this direct service.


  • God and Guru are the untiring servants of all the living beings of this world. If you have taken shelter under your Guru – the God, let service be the goal of your life.

  • Almost always and in all places the aim of Hindu spirituality is 'Brahma' (The Supreme reality that’s 'one and indivisible' and 'infinite' besides which nothing really exists.). There are mentions of many Gods and Goddesses in the Vedas and Upanishads but they all converge and terminate in Brahma. ..... Every action has a delicate and subtle cause. Hindus call these subtle causes as Gods and Goddesses.