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Nilachal Saraswat Sangha,Puri

Disciple & Surrendering

  • He who has sacrificed himself is the disciple; and he who is established in Himself is the Guru.

  • Initiating disciples is not a business of a Satguru. It’s an inspiration of life. The Guru takes the responsibility of his disciple with the hope that one day God would manifest in them. I’m waiting to see God manifest in you all.

  • Surrendering to me or to my work is the same. Do surrender yourself to my work.

  • The path of surrender is the best path. You are moving in that path of realization of a bigger and larger life, sacrificing the smaller and the lesser life.

  • Do you know how you to realize that you are moving in the path of surrender? It’s when you will see the feeling of frigidity, inactivity and idleness has totally vanished from your body. Your inner self is full of inspiration and happiness. It’s when you have learnt the tact and strategy of work, that is – remaining completely detached in the work you have been doing sincerely. You will understand this while moving in the path of surrender.