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Nilachal Saraswat Sangha,Puri

Ideal Man & Humanity

  • I want nothing; expect nothing from you – not even Matha-Ashrams (monasteries, buildings & institutions) for me. I wish you to be ideal human beings. I beg from you – Humanity, Godliness, and Divinity. First, you become an ideal man, then be Divine and then become Brahma itself – this is my hope and blessing for you.

  • Know that man is important, not money. I do not want money from you. You can amass money if you just strive for it because they are scattered throughout the world. But, it’s difficult to get an ideal man …. to acquire humanity (manushyatva). May you grow to be an ideal man, and then from amongst you all will awake a liberated soul endowed with great spiritual prowess.

  • I wish to see you as an ideal man. If you have a true desire to attain humanity, God, sure, will help you. Drop down your ego and depend on God at all steps.