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Nilachal Saraswat Sangha,Puri


  • The purpose of prayer is to achieve a stage where an emancipated soul is identified with God. When one prays to somebody or some object, one’s mind is gradually transformed into the quality and forms of that person or object one is praying. And, ultimately one becomes completely identified with the object of prayer; or else, God is not moved by any amount of praise or flattering words. He is not bothered by what name you are calling Him, be it bad or good.

  • Why should one beat his head in front of Him to get cured from an attack of fever when that could be done by a tablet of quinine? Why should we use the cannon to kill a mosquito? These are very unjust. If we have to pray before Him, let’s pray for wisdom; let’s pray for devotion which cannot, otherwise, be acquired in return of the total wealth and treasure of the whole universe.

  • Pray for things which are not under the command of body, mind and intellect.

  • You need my help to do sadhana but you can do prayer by your own. Your heart, mind and speech should be all one during the prayer. It will not do if you are praying for one thing when your mind desires something else.

  • Enquire into your heart and find out what you want and then, pray accordingly. The object of your prayer should be the same one.

  • They, who pray for knowledge and devotion, will have their prayers fulfilled even though they don’t utter anything in their mouth.

  • Sri Gurudev will lead you according to His own will and desire. It’s not correct to interfere with His rights by praying. As such, Brahma is without form and attribute. Therefore, in a way, no prayer works in front of Him.

  • You do not know how to pray and you do not realize what will be really beneficial for you. God becomes restless by your variety of prayers. You pray a thing now and then you pray for another thing in the next moment. Like this the number of application is heaped up at the Durbar of God. Each one will be granted and fulfilled. But, your today’s prayer will be fulfilled after all your previous prayers have been fulfilled.

  • Do not pray for the dissolution of darkness. Pray for the rising of the Sun. Darkness will vanish off its own the moment the Sun rises.

  • My children! Difficult it might seem to grant but God will never disapprove and reject your prayer if you do it with full of eagerness and concern.

  • Think, realize and then pray – your prayer should be, “Oh Lord! Give me belief.” Dependence on God will come when belief is there. Nothing remains unrealized and un-received when God-dependence comes.