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Nilachal Saraswat Sangha,Puri

Rituals & Asceticism

  • Japa (Chanting of Mantra) and Tapa (Abstinence) without intellect and discrimination is simply worshiping the matter which doesn’t bestow divine grace. If you haven’t learnt how to be compassionate to others, how can you find His grace?

  • Those who do not know how to forgive cannot deserve His forbearance. You cannot expect His love, if you do not love His world.

  • To realize Godhead, His ideal of service should also be the ideal of the Sadhaka (spiritual practitioner). At least, my disciples should not have the pretense of doing Japa-Tapa or worship for selfish end. Your principal aim should be exceeding your individual-self. Exceed from being a tiny insect (being) to Brahma.

  • Purification of heart is the basis of all spiritual attainments. Therefore, your Dharma is to serve the man-God to your utmost. Do your duty without seeking for the result. By so doing you would be serving your Master well.

  • Have strength in your arms and devotion in your heart. Defy thousand obstacles and revive strength to proceed in the path shown by the Master.

  • I wish to see that God is manifested in every one of you. Your body is the temple of God; please do not pollute this temple.

  • You are to work not in the Ashrams but amongst the householders. Matha-ashramas will be your centre of rest and rejuvenation. You shall revitalize yourself from here and run to enlighten the householders in the path shown by the Master.