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Nilachal Saraswat Sangha,Puri


  • Seva is nothing but extension of your 'self' in the larger 'self' of mankind.

  • Make 'flower' your ideal. To extend happiness to others is its characteristic. It has no desire of its own. Silently it blossoms and in silence it withers out. Flower complains not if it's offered for the services of God; nor it shows dissatisfaction if utilized for luxury. A flower knows its only dharma is to 'serve'.

  • There has never been a sevak as like God. He serves to all. He has provisioned everything, whenever and whatever is required, in this universe.

  • It's not a child's play to become a sevak. In this universe, 'God', alone, is the sole ideal of a sevak.
  • Seva-dharma is natural to human beings. This dharma, born out of their 'nature', stirs all across religion and race to devote themselves for the services to others.