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Nilachal Saraswat Sangha,Puri

Dharma & Spirituality


  • I wish to awaken my dispirited people through Dharma; to manifest in them the ideals of the great Rishi-Age and to bestow humanity with – their loftiest gift – the gift of Self-Knowledge. This is the ideal of our Sangha.


  • India is a country of Dharma. You all do prosper in Dharma and be the spiritual guide to the world. The West is prospering materially; you inter-change your spiritual wealth with them.


  • Remove your ego and fill your heart with Bhakti. Build up your character according to the instructions of your Guru. Be restrained and embrace every one as your kith and kin. Nurse the sick, console the bereaved and wipe away the tears of the sufferer. Embrace the distressed and do not hate the sinner; rather clean their hearts with your love. Remove the selfish devil from your heart and establish there the God of Love – this is Dharma.


  • Serve the beings of the world to your utmost; thinking them to be yours’ or take them as God incarnate. Never shrink in helping others. If you neglect this direct Dharma, there is little chance for your spiritual advancement. Service to all is the only Dharma of Kaliyuga.


  • You should be more particular about worshipping Shri Shri Jagadguru by spreading the ideals of Sanatana Dharma, extending right education and serving the distressed as instructed by me.


  • A common man’s self is limited to his own or at best to his wife and son. But, you see to it that your ‘self’ engulfs the whole of the universe. This is my hope and blessing, as well.


  • Unite your prana with the universal prana. Let the primary seed of love which is shown in your heart through wife and son gradually permeates all the living beings of the world. Then only God bestows His grace upon you unreservingly.


  • God's throne can’t be moved by mere prayers. I bless, may your prana be kept unwrapped and the essence of your individual-self (vyakti-satta) is sublimed to the essence of universal-self (vishwa-satta). Be mad for doing good to the world and be absorbed with the service to all beings.